Logistics & Travel

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Services provided by logistics and travel companies fall mainly within Class 39 of the Nice Agreement (11th ed. 2020), which encompasses services rendered in transporting goods and people from one place to another as well as in storing goods in storage facilities with the purpose of preserving or guarding them.

Class 39 specifically includes:

• services offered by businesses utilizing stations, bridges, rail-road ferries, and similar infrastructure  for transport;

• services involving the hiring of transport vehicles;

• services used in the operation of ports and docks;

• services supporting the functioning of airports;

• services associated with the packaging and parceling of goods before dispatch;

• services distributing information about journeys and transporting of goods;

• services concerning inspection of vehicles or goods before transport.

In particular, Class 39 does not include:

– advertising services connected to the transportation of goods and people;

– services comprising issuing of traveler’s checks or letters of credit by brokers or travel agents;

– services linked to insurances during the transport of persons or goods;

– repair services involving vehicles or objects related to the transport of persons or goods;

– services dealing with reservation of hotel rooms provided by travel agents or brokers.

All of the excluded services pertain to different service classes that better reflect the nature of these services.